Our European KA2 Projects

KA2 partnerships, funded by the Erasmus+ program, bring together organizations from different countries. Together, we embark on a collective mission to drive innovation and transformation in the realms of education, training, and youth development.

KA2 Projects

Participating in this Key Action will lead to various outcomes for the organizations. These include fostering a modern, dynamic, committed, and professional work environment. The organizations will adopt innovative approaches to effectively engage its target groups, developing more appealing education and training programs that cater to individual needs and expectations.

In fact, the activities carried out by the organization within this key action will have a greater impact also on local communities,

The latter will be tasked with developing new strategies to support target groups that are in disadvantaged positions and must contend with disparities in learning outcomes due to geographical and socio-economic factors.

The core focus is to prioritize the promotion of inclusivity and diversity that takes into account various factors like social, ethnic, linguistic, and cultural differences, while also embracing the development of green and digital skills as well as citizenship within the European Union.

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