Customer Review

​”In a time of overall social disruption, in the world , in EU, to meet and co-create with the participant from all over the EU, to share ours constraints and emotional context was such an exceptional experience!! ​I have had the opportunity to re-think and appreciate more the shared values of the European Union!”

Davorka Beg


“I highly recommend the teacher learning courses by ELA. As a teacher, you get to use know the latest resources and you get the chance to use them. The combination of learning and cultural activities is very agradable. The international setting encourages teachers to learn from each other and to network with teachers of other nationalities.”

Els Vandenberghe


“I am very happy to had the opportunity to participate in this course because I am going home richer for this great experience and I have acquired knowledge that is absolutely applicable.”

Jelena Teofilovic


“An engaging and active course that developed reflection on teaching practices to embed essential skills of collaboration, teamwork and critical thinking. Practical and hands on learning experiences for professional development.”

Nia Partridge


“The course has been tailored to our needs. We really enjoyed every moment of it. The trainers were enthusiastic and well-prepared. I was pleased to realise that we are in good hands, starting from cultural programmes to the course content. Big like for you guys!”

Antal Annamaria


“The training for Erasmus+ teachers by ELA are a great event to attend. The staff are young, motivated, and helpful, their enthusiasm for work and flexible organization is quickly recognized and appreciated.”

Metodi Stoyanov


“Being a teacher for nearly thirty years and having attended all sorts of courses, training courses and lectures, this is probably the only one I wish all my colleagues could attend, both for the themes and the proficiency which was delivered.”

Maria Isabel Vieira Rodrigues


“Good content development. Good atmosphere among the group. Very good accommodation and nice help from the company staff.”

Ana Santovety Clavijo


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