Erasmus Learning Academy

We deal with the design and implementation of innovative training courses for teachers and educational staff, both national and international. We are an accredited MIM body, we coordinate and are partners in European Erasmus+ projects. We actively collaborate with numerous educational institutions in Italy and Europe, with a network that fosters successful European partnerships. Our Italian offices are located in Bologna, Palermo and Rimini, we also operate in Tenerife, Porto, Thessaloniki and organise online training courses.

Discover the values that shape and differentiate our work

Our mission is to promote excellence in education and training. We aim to tailor courses to the specific needs and profiles of participants, fostering personal and professional development in a cooperative and international environment. We offer innovative and highly practical courses based on experiential pedagogical methodologies and encourage learning through the exchange of good practices.

We work in the education sector since more than 10 years. By participating in international trainings and European conferences, we can ensure that our know-how is always up-to-date. This allows us to be always aware of the challenges teachers face every day.

We have extensive experience in various European programs and have successfully received and sent several thousand teachers, principals and educational staff for training and job shadowing. We have experience as promoters, coordinators and partners, particularly in Erasmus plus and European Social Fund programs.

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