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Designing and implementing innovative training courses for teachers and education staff, striving to improve education in Europe and give better chances to the learners!

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“Being a teacher for nearly thirty years and having attended all sorts of courses, training courses and lectures, this is probably the only one I wish all my colleagues could attend, both for the themes and the proficiency with which it was delivered.”

Maria Isabel Vieira Rodrigues


Course Categories

Class Management and Soft Skills

Courses in this topic area deal with soft skills, emotional intelligence, coaching, assessment, stress management and public speaking.

Ict and New Technologies

The courses in this thematic area cover the use of platforms, digital tools, social media, artificial intelligence, and apps in teaching.

Inclusion and Diversity

Courses in this topic area deal with inclusion of special needs, intercultural learning, early school leavers and diversities of all kinds.

Well Being

Courses in this topic area deal with students' and teachers' well being through meditation, mindfulness , yoga and stress management strategies.

Innovative teaching methods

Courses in this topic area deal with outdoor education, NFE, creativity, PBL, gamification, green skills, entrepreneurship, work based learning.

Languages and EU project design

Courses in this topic area aim at improving foreign language skills, teaching content in foreign languages, designing european projects.

Preschool Teaching Methods

Courses in this topic area deal with methods for preschool: Italian approaches, innovative teaching methods and outdoor education.

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